Westword’s Patio of the Day

Posted By on Mar 4, 2014 | 0 comments

Booze-heavy patios aren’t the only outdoor alternatives. Consider Steam Espresso Bar, a near-perfect coffee shop with a sprawling, inviting patio as well as a “back yard” that feels more like a scene out of The Secret Garden than a place to step out and take phone calls.

After months of careful renovation, Steam opened this past April on South Pearl, one of the beautiful, tree-lined streets of Platt Park. From the start, it’s attracted families and designer types alike. From 7 a.m. to 4 p.m daily, the suspender-clad baristas will pour you a cup to enjoy out on the patio, at the wraparound indoor/outdoor coffee bar, or at one of the well-appointed reclaimed tables. If you decide to settle outside, even on days like today when the sky threatens to break open over your head, you can take over a table or find a comfortable spot under an aspen tree in the back yard.

And did we mention the patio comes with its very own aviation relic? The last owner of the property left a mint condition Beechcraft jet part, and it still resides where it was left.

Steam serves up Boxcar coffee (prepare to geek out over the pouring technique), along with pastries from the coveted Trompeau Bakery, including raspberry jam-stuffed croissants and almond cake.

So if beans are more your speed than beer, head over to Platt Park and get your fill of outdoor coffee culture.